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Why should you change your vehicle's oil and filter every 5000 miles?

Oil and filter changes are necessary to maintain proper engine lubrication. Most experts still recommend changing the oil and filter every 5,000 miles. The oil change interval can be stretched out to reduce maintenance costs if a vehicle is driven under ideal conditions (no extremely hot or cold weather, no short trip, stop-and-go driving, no excessive idling, no extremely dusty road conditions, no trailer towing, no turbocharging). But the average driver is more often than not a “severe service” driver so should follow the 5,000 mile change interval.

Other benefits of changing your oil every 5,000 miles are: it increases engine life span, aids fuel efficiency and helps you get maximum power and performance from your vehicle.

Oil also:

All Oil Changes include inflating tires to the correct pressure and topping off all fluids and resetting maintenance reminder light.

Synthetic blend oil Change Starting at $84.99 (up to 5 quarts).

Full synthetic oil Change Starting at $94.99 (up to 5 quarts).


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